iValentines 2008

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our valentines was nice. i’ll work backwards.

like the past years, we attended sjbci’s valentine’s dinner.  this year was different since it was more family oriented instead of just exclusively for couples. 

the food was ok, and it seems that with each year, the dancing portion of the night gets longer and longer, which is nice cuz you get to dance and mingle.  it just gets a little too familiar since the line dancing is a bit too overplayed in EVERY filipino party.  once they’ve played a song more than twice, you know there has to be more, and once they’ve played more than 8 ballroom dances, the steps get too rehearsed.  it becomes a showcase of practiced moves.  so i found it refreshing when em lead perze and i to the dance floor during the todo todo and we made up our own steps cuz perze didn’t know how to follow the formula.

don’t get me wrong, i enjoy watching skilled dancers so no offense, but when every move is by the book and too rehearsed, and when there’s just too much of one thing, i appreciate the change…like longwinded showcased karaoke- same thing. even i don’t like to hear myself sing more than 4 songs consecutively.  it would be different if you were at a concert…

but nevertheless, we enjoyed ourselves mainly because this was the first year we took our daughter.  she really indulged in the festivities- taking turns to dance w/ perze and i, running around with the kids, and getting all dressed up w/ killer polkadots.

everyone looked GREAT by the way- the adults included!  i wished they took pictures of everyone who went so i can showcase the scandalous dresses…

i wore vintage donna karan.  tried to bring the hot pink back.  the question of the night was when perze and i would have our second child.  we both got that question about 10x.  it was nice to get dressed up.  one of the youth said i didn’t look like a mom at all, and one of the adults said i was "stunning."  the dress got a lot of compliments, old and young alike.  but no one got more votes than emma.  she was the mix between perze’s pink and mine.

and if you’re wondering how much my shoes were (which some girls had asked), they were $12. i think emma’s shoes cost more.

(i know…i plugged fashion in the blog. i’m sorry….)




the actual valentines day, perze had work…

we agreed that i’d pick him up so when i got to where he was, he surprised me with a Sephora Bag.  to my delight, i still opposed to the present because we already had willingly agreed that we wouldn’t spend on valentines this year.  but knowing my husband, agreements including gifts are usually broken…and i’m really honestly not one for expensive gifts, but he refused to accept any rejection w/ this iGift.

yes. i am a proud owner of the iPhone.  initially, i was hesitant since i’m not entirely keen on phones, but the more i held the device, the more i realize the wonders it can do for someone like me- someone who loves to archive and write, and read, and organize.  someone who is heavily into audio and visual media, someone who constantly needs to keep dates and reminders for our family and emma, the church events, and youth, as well as my own personal media projects for other people who asks for my help. and someone who is very internet saavy.

the interface is not just eyecandy, it’s iBuffet, with its generous widgets, and smart technology that really equals in its efficiency as much as aesthetically.

i really have to thank my husband…it’s all his idea…and i’m humbled because it’s one of the first things he bought because of his deserved promotion.

so my question is, does anyone need my treo? 😉

thank you mahal.  not just for the gift (although you always seem to surprise me), but because i know i don’t need gifts like this to know your love for our family. elephant shoes mahal, size gigantic.

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