happy valentines to perze & zem

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i never got to tell my engagement story on our twelvesixteen.net…not yet…hahah

it’s actually quite funny, cuz last sunday as i was giving a haircut to one of the youth girls, she asked me why i never told her how perze proposed.  so during our hairdid session, i recounted how perze was really slick enough to propose to me without me ever finding out, or even having an inch of a clue that he was going to propose that day, month, OR season! hahaha

after being married now for 3 years, it’s still a wonder to me when someone asks me of our proposal story (or any chapter of it).  when i finally had finished, she asked me if i could show her the exact place we got engaged (since we’ll be having our family retreat there this year [awesome, rite?]).  i hope they never take it down.  this year, we get to take a picture now with our firstborn.

valentines day never meant so much until 2004, because that’s the day perze proposed to me @ sandy cove. that week, he talked to my parents, bought a ring, told a close friend, and planned one of the most memorable times in my life.  he was goooood…never would i have thought, being the person that i am, that he would actually propose on valentines day.  but now, it gives a whole new meaning for this day.

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the above picture was where we got engaged.
near the water, on the rocks, during sunset.
@ a place very special to us even during our friendship.

i love you mahal.
and now, i love you too silly emem.
you two make life extremely wonderfun and beautiful. happy valentines.

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