The wheels on the bus … on a slush storm

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The commute yesterday was just nasty, today on the other hand was just stupid. It felt like being stuck in an alleyway where there was an overturned 7-11 slurpee truck. Major slush on the roads! It sucks even more because I usually walk now to the bus stop. For some reason this is one of those snowstorms (you can’t even categorize this as one) where all meteorologists talk about and the local government units just acts surprised and acts very late.

When I came out of the apartment this morning, major slush all over the place, nobody plowed anything. So I probably looked like the grinch as I was walking to the bus station, tip-toeing all the way. It really sucks when your socks get wet. Once I got to the bus, there was this middle aged south asian lady who looked at me, had the widest smile and started conversing with me.

Lady:  Hey, I didn’t know you take this bus
Me: *Fixes Coat* Hmmm, yeah?
Lady: Since when?
Me: Not … too … long … ago *(am i supposed to know this woman?)
*Lady realizes that I wasn’t the person she thought who I was, Looks down and stops talking*

**Crickets in the background**

Yeah, I almost LOLed. She just turned beet red.

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