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i don’t know if perze’s gonna blog about this, but yesterday we met at the station so we can go out to dinner.  at the restaurant, 100_2792he sat me down and said he had some news.  with such suppressed emotions, he explained that he got his review from NYTimes with the GREAT news that he got promoted to a senior position!!!  I was so proud of him.  Along with this position is a generous raise which is really timely, considering we’ve been praying for some financial change.  I understand how difficult it is to bring in the sole income for the family.  We’ve been really blessed knowing that God has given Perze a great job to provide for Em and I as I stay home to take care of her.  I’m really fortunate to spend these first years focusing on our daughter…and it’s something I know I’m gonna continue to thank Perze for as we get older and as Emma gets older.

we’ve been praying for Perze’s promotion, but the blessings have exceeded our expectations…

so we really continue to testify about God’s goodness to our family. I have to admit that we’re not always in a state of confidence about the outcomes in life, but we’re always taken care of and always reminded that our best interests are looked after.

so we were able to treat ourselves last night.  Congrats Tatay! We love you. Thank you for sacrificing so much for your family.

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