site improvements – feb 6 ’08

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  • Added Reference to feed. You can now subscribe to all our entries from this page.
  • Added the ability to display the 7 latest entries hoping our bounce rate declines a little bit. it’s currently at 23%, which is not that bad. This just gives them more reason to click through our entries.
  • Upgraded WordPress backend to 2.3.3
  • Upgraded Share This Plugin to 2.1

Guest Map

  • This page provides a geographical representation of the visitors of this site.

Evil Ads, Ads will now be shown when these properties hold true

  • Footer Leaderboard Ad – All Entries
  • Sidebar Ad – category pages
  • Tweener Ad – Entry Pages
  • Interstitial – Every three page views, every six hours

I know how much ads annoy people but check this out, in 2006 companies spent $16.8 Billion on ads alone. This site costs roughly $6 a month to maintain. So I just need to find a way to earn the $6 per month back. If I do get pretty good at this I might earn enough to pay for Emma’s college tuition (*cough* *not gonna happen* *cough*).

These ads are not final, I’m going through a process called multivariate testing where over a course of time I’ll be presenting multiple templates with multiple ad positions and see where I’m getting the optimum click through rates.

Please send me a feedback. Any feedback will do, but the more reasonable, the better.

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