Silver Dress Sandals

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416duf1YEbL__SS135_ cute, right? simple?

i found it online for $50. 
Touch Ups Trista Dyeable Slide

Nine West then i found these.

Nine West "Accolia" Evening Sandal



And since I’ll be in a couple of debuts, in 2 wedding parties, and two other weddings, I’ve been looking around.  But for $50?  HA!  Good thing I shop around, and last week, days before seeing this, I saw this:


   100_2652   100_2650 

that’s right. guess where? Wal-mart.

yep. Walmart. for $12.  It looks even better than the Touch Ups because of the subtle glitter.  These are great because the bridesmaids dresses I’ll be wearing are knee length, so it’ll be showcased, and since they glitter, they’ll add a little shine in the sun and glitter at night.  I took pictures to prove it: one without flash, and one with it. 

Imagine? I found shoes exactly like ones from an expensive store, even better, and for 75% of the price.

The question is, are the pretty on the feet?  I’d say so. They’re very simple and skinny in the shape, classic, and glitters on your feet as you move.  They’re pretty comfortable, and fits well with an adjustable buckle.  I tried dancing a little, and they passed the test of staying on my feet. Even more, I carried Em with them on, which should always be a separate important factor that shoes should answer to- toddlers!

So boo to the $50 Touch Ups, and yay to George.

Store: Walmart
Price: $12
Status: own

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