Giants Win Superbowl! (who knew?)

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it’s become a tradition that superbowl weekend, we go to rogie’s to watch the two remaining teams gut it out.  this year, as usual, the patriots were one of the teams, and the opposing team- the New York Giants.  having been the undefeated team for the whole season, the patriots seemed to be the real mighty "giants" but w/ only minutes to spare, the NY Giants successfully made a touchdown, and thus ending the game with only seconds for the Patriots to try to score.  unbelievable.

most of the action took place in the 1st and 4th quarter, but it was an exciting game.  it’s even nicer to share w/ friends to scream w/ you and eat fried chips with.  some of the youth were over too, so it’s always nice to catch up on their news and laugh over stupid things. 

nevertheless, yay Giants! thank you so much for winning against the team who holds much of my aversion.  the manning brothers are really having great years.

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