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one day, when i’m a millionaire, i plan to have a room like this:


if i’m lucky, knowing how these furniture designers like to pricey up their products, i’ll probably only get to own one stone pillow.  Livingstones created soft pillows for furniture/decor that resembles boulders and stones.  They’re  beautiful aren’t they?  But with beauty are some problems:

1. you can’t just buy one you know. wouldn’t that look silly?  The problem with stones is that there are usually more than one or two in the scene- like giddy teenager girls.  this means you’re not just shelling out $600 for a boulder; you’re spending $200 for 3 rocks each and $90 for 7 stones each.  i’m no math major but i believe that’s $1840?  And that’s for one person seating…

2. to create an indoor living space to resemble the outside, that room better be very simple- so no buying of Ikea sectional couches and side tables.  the most you can do is scatter a few books on the floor to make it look like a zen space for lounging. 

but this picture is beautiful isn’t it?  the black lacquered floor looks like water on a dark night w/ floating candles, and the dark wooden floor looks like the outside of a lake house.  and the plasma tv looks like the gentle moon on HD…

some more pictures | some more ideas:

untitled1  untitled3

store: not listed
price: no clue
status: in my dreams

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