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this is becoming very pretty. i actually like coming to the site to blog.  it was only a couple months ago that the site was one gigantic one paged blog, but now that perze incorporated the blog into our newly built webpage, it’s complete. I like the different categories, the different blog sites within one webpage.  Yesterday, to make the main twelvesixteen blog more ocularly palatable, i added entry borders to match the cherry blossom theme. you like?

but as much as the site looks nice w/ my designs, it really can’t be all that it is without perze’s adapting knowledge of css- the backbone of our page- the outline.  my colors and pictures are just the skin and clothes, to give color to what perze shapes.  He’s added gadgets here and there- review stars and the random pictures, the modules, sharing functions, # blog entries, and dimensions.  i’m just the one who fills the pages…hahahahaha…i really have a lot to say.  this webpage really is an example of our partnership- the two sides of the brain in one project…and here and there, we step over the boundary and interchange jobs- trying to learn and tweak (me w/ the css and perze w/ design).

also, one more person that we want to acknowledge and thank- my sister steph!  she’s really helped us incorporate our twelvesixteen gallery, to now match our general theme.

Fun Fact:
perze and i met through an online blogger, when it was still new-
i think that’s why we continue to support that site as well as continue our webpage blog.

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