Bica Cheia Yellow Leather/Suede Shoulder to Shoulder Bag

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anthmustard01 anthmustard03 G O R G E O U S …

and right in time for spring!  who carries around a bright yellow bag? um…present!  ya, you hardly see anyone carry yellow, but this bag is candy.  it stands out in a crowd (i know); i’ve gotten tons of looks.

what i love about this bag is that it’s not too huge, but has so many pockets- for my makeup, clutch, cell, camera, and then some…

what i love about this bag is that it uses two textures- the lacquered patent leather and the suede. you’ll be able to spot it out by one look.

anthmustard04 and do you know how i knew this bag was definitely for me- the owl fabric lining inside.  for those who know me well- i’m a sucker for owls (even before they became trend).

brand: bica cheia
retail:  $148
status: own

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