January 27 – Then and Now

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20080127_emma The most scary thing that can happen when you are a parent is when your child gets sick and you feel very powerless about it. Marchesa and I feel the same way when it comes to Emma’s sickness. Even if it’s just a little cold, or a fever, I wish I was an empath and be able to take away her sickness for myself (you have  to be Level 65 Fire Empath).

Kidding aside, last Sunday Emma had an episode, we still don’t know what triggered it but we had to rush her to the Emergency Room because she can’t breathe anymore. That morning Marchesa noticed that she was breathing weirdly through her stomach. You can actually hear a some wheezing as she inhales and exhales through her mouth. We decided to call her primary physician to get some advice but since it’s a Sunday and there was no way for me to contact him. I ended up leaving a message in their machine.

Two hours later we decided to drive up to Princeton so we can easily take her to her Doctor. On our way up just as we were going into 295, Emma started dry heaving. We turned back and rushed into the the ER of Kennedy Hospital in Washington Township. They had to go through a series of tests to see what was going on. They had to give her a steroid that would open her breathing passageways so she could breathe again normally.

After 1 dose of that steroid and 20 minutes in the nebulizer, Emma was her old self again. A fireball. Just in time for her Wowo and Wowa to come and visit. The doctor sent us on our way armed with a nebulizer just in case Emma goes through that again.

She was fine yesterday, making her animals talk to each other. Playing in her "Baby House" (I placed a blanket over her crib), playing with her train set, talking up a storm, climbing up the sofa and jumping to the floor, talk some more, well you get the picture. she’s A-OK now. Thanks for all your calls and prayers.

On a different note, that same day marked my 9th year here in the US. I came here January 27th, 1999 at Philly International to work. 9 years later, I was just as uncertain and scared with what was going to happen. It’s weird, and it happened on the same day.

I must admit that compared to 9 years ago, I was as scared but no longer uncertain and I can give you two reasons, Marchesa and Emma.

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