Em’s 1st Trip to the ER for viral syndrome

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Praise God, Em’s ok. 

200801271244_159 This morning, after having a cold for 2 days, em woke up looking lethargic, breathing irregularly, as if her stomach was pumping up and down quickly and shortly.  she looked like she was out of breath, esp. when she spoke, like a person with asthma. we admitted her to the emergency room, where a doctor diagnosed her, saying that her symptoms looked like a respiratory viral infection, which is common in children at this time of year, esp. to kids who also have mild eczema.  they took x-rays, gave her something to expand the passageways in her lungs to admit more airflow, AND administered a nebulizer.  after following the protocol, (and motrin), she felt much better and breathed better, not perfectly but more normal.  we’ll be following up w/ her pediatrician this week just to see how she’s doing.  we also got homework: to use the take home nebulizer and some medicine to open up airflow.

the doctor also mentioned that this could be emma’s first asthmatic episode- MAYBE…since perze’s family has a history of asthma…but it’s not the final diagnosis, just a probability that we can conclude once she’s had numerous similar episodes.

but we’re just very relieved that it wasn’t too serious, and the staff who handled us and emma was really friendly and informative.  we were all also surprised that she was so sociable w/ everyone, despite her condition.  also, my parents came to make her smile during a very tough time.  the good news is that on her medical report, it says that she "may return to school in 1-2 days."

we just want to thank everyone who prayed for her– our families, our friends, the choir, and the church family.  we are really appreciative for your care. 

for other parents, some information:
her symptoms: muscle aches (tummy), fever, common cold, sore throat, cough, poor appetite, watery eyes, wheezing, irregular breathing.

for more info, one of my close friends (em’s ninang) gave me info regarding her condition, since she works in the infants hosp. wing (thanks chelle!!):

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