Hong’s the Mighty Two

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this past weekend, we traveled to ny to visit the ng’s, as part of our celebration weekend for samsam’s 2nd birthday.  minus my little sister, kristie, we all drove up and spent the long weekend, mainly talking, eating, watching tv, and resting, and of course- being entertained by two two year olds who love playing with each other. 

jan.17, my only nephew, ‘the Hongers’, turned the terrible two (which is really such a misnomer), because anyone who has a two year old can really outweigh the advantages and recognize how more sweet they get when they get older.  plus they communicate more…nevertheless, cake aside, balloons asides, candles, food, and fun…he has a whole new year brimming w/ new challenges and adventures, and we always pray for him- that he continues to be such a loving and happy little man. 

btw: congrats to my sister steph and kuya sam for raising such a well behaved, loving, techy, handsam toddler!  for the full album click below:

100_2386.jpg 2008 Samsam’s 2nd Bday Wknd
We went to NY to celebrate Hong’s 2nd bday. Bought balloons, cake, and ate lots of food the whole weekend.
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