first day at the bus

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this will probably launch my stories at the bus stop series. in the 10 months that we’ve moved to the plainsboro area, marchesa and emma has been faithfully taking me to the train station. through rain, heat, sleet and snow, the two of them faithfully woke up and drove me to the train station.

why don’t i just park at the station you say? well because the west windsor parking authority doesn’t have enough spots to accommodate a boatload of princeton junction commuters. they have a 2 year wait for west windsor commuters and an eight year wait for plainsboro commuters. sucks to be me.

why don’t you take a bike to the train station? because I don’t have one.

why don’t you walk? it’s a 40 minute walk. I tried it once and it sucked.

with the weather that we’ve been having lately I just can’t risk emma and marchesa to be out. besides I get free exercise since it takes 15 minutes to get to the bus stop, and the bus is free. that’s why I decided once and for all to take the bus every morning. I get to the train station in time for the 8:05 train. the only downside is that i’m going to have to wake up a lot earlier now.

it’s going to be great, as a matter of fact, I already met a friend. prakash from hyderabad, the same place where ashwin is from, he works in secaucus, lives at fox run and his social security number is … yeah right.

later folks. the train is here.

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