look who’s become a toddler

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n10514077_32610351_6166this is my handsam nephew samsam (honghong)…

today is his 2nd birthday which makes him a complete jedi…and a toddler.  he is also one of emma’s favorite people because she’s always wanting to visit him and give him balloons, or sneak him a couple of naughty snacks when his dad isn’t looking. 

i remember when he was born, still so weak from the hospital.  but now, he’s probably even stronger than emma, w/ enough force to push you off balance and enough charisma to make you smile.  i’m just really proud of him being a toddler.  i know some people might take becoming a toddler for granted, as if it’s a small feat, but believe me, learning a language is a lot like changing diapers- involves a lot of wipes and frequent showers.

you also know how hard it is to break a habit?  imagine, since life started, you’ve been drinking your mom’s milk (this isn’t meant to be gross), and one day she gives you a look of reproach as you signal hunger?  instead, she gives you a cold sterile informal cup with cow’s milk that was probably collected somewhere in hickory, north carolina.

there’s so much more to being two. some toddler should honestly write a book.  most likely, i would buy it. read it it 5 seconds.

well, nonetheless, happy birthday samsam! we love you.  have a mighty 2nd birthday.

(btw: this is him rocking the yb sweatshirt)

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