When Your Enemy’s Enemy is also your Enemy

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giants-cowboys With the Eagles out of the playoffs, I tend to pick games that are of interest. Since its the playoffs, I generally watch teams that I know of. I usually root for the good guys. But I guess the question is, what do you do when the game you watching is played by both teams that you detest? Which team would you root for when the enemy of your enemy is also your enemy? The one that you hate less of course, who happens to be the Giants.

The game started rather quick with the Giants running their way and eventually got a touchdown off a very nimble Amani Toomer. Not bad for an old man. Score: 7-0, Giants

The cowboys then retaliated early in the second quarter when Romo threw a short pass to the Devil Terrell Owens for a touchdown. Coughlin challenged the play but the call was upheld. Score: 7-7

The rest of the second quarter was a blur to me, the game was so exciting that I fell asleep. Next thing I know it’s the end of the half and the score is tied 14-14. That’s when I thought that the Giants can actually pull this off.

I had to stop watching at the beginning so I can go eat dinner. I honestly really didn’t care about this game so I turned the TV off. In the middle of dinner, Dad turned on the TV and started watching the game so I can hear the broadcast from the background. The game is still tied until T.O. dropped the ball and forced the cowboys and forced them to make a field goal. Score: 14-17, cowboys

I finished dinner right around the beginning of the 4th quarter and the Giants mage quick work and Brandon Jacobs ran for a score. One thing to note is how Jacobs celebrated that touchdown. He ran to where the play clock was, spiked the ball on the play clock, the ball then ricocheted to the right side of the clock where a bunch of staff were. He didn’t stop there, he scrambled for the ball and kept it for himself. Score: 21-17, Giants

After that touchdown, the Giants defense started playing brilliantly. They harassed both Romo and T.O. diminishing their productivity. Sixteen seconds left in the game, Romo threw deep pass to Terry Glenn and was intercepted by McQuarters. I could swear I saw Beelzebub Terrell Owens cry after that interception. A couple of kneel downs and the Giants Win! cowboys go home to prepare for another losing season.

Next week is going to be interesting and I will be definitely rooting for the Packers. This time, "the enemy of my enemy is my friend".

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