america’s first black president?

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Based on the Iowa caucus and the upcoming New Hampshire primary Barack Hussein Obama is on its way to become the first black president of the united states of america. I remember a conversation I had with marchesa a couple years ago on whether the united states will see a woman president or a minority president first. from the looks of it, the minority candidate is trumping the female candidate.

Mr. Obama has had his share of controversies. The fact that he is only 1 letter away from being the namesake of the worlds most sought after terrorist, is not a fun way to run about the united states and be misnamed. Its the same name that is making people … ignorant people … believe that he is indeed a muslim. honestly whatever your belief system is should never have bearing on any presidential election, ideally that is. but in this time of the patriot act and the war on terror, people can’t help to be paranoid.

Mrs. Clinton has share of issues as well. Well the fact that she is an old fogie when it comes to politics, people have become wary of the changes that she is preaching about. her promise of a healthcare reform is nothing but a reincarnation of the then defunct healthcare system that her husband proposed when he was president.

in this ever shrinking world we need a president that can adapt quickly and make very effective decisions. america needs to get out of this war as soon as they can, take care of the free falling dollar, protect internal interests, and most of all, take care of its tax paying residents.

The Democrats have a very convenient position right now because of the incumbents bumblings of this war. Whoever they choose to be their candidate, whether Barack or Hillary, shouldn’t have a hard time getting to the white house unless the other decides to go independent.

next up, the huckabee option.

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