my problem with sweeney todd

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i’ve seen two versions of this movie, the one by ben kingsley and the current one by johnny depp. I must admit that the latter one has a more compelling story and they did a pretty good job setting up the characters. this version who happens to be an adaptation of a spanish operatic screenplay actually had a better plot, awesome cinematography and way better acting.

my problem with this movie was how easy for the writers to debase murder as a convenient means to justify an end. the scene where todd was trying to find a way to dispose of signor pirelli’s body after an intended blackmailing gone bad and mrs. lovett was explaining to him how they could have a partnership of convenience. she needs to sell meat pies and he needs to get rid of some bodies.

there is a fine line between killing and murder and its because of the jump from one side to the other that left me nauseated.

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