germs and dates

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for the past few days, the ababa household has been infected by naughty cold germs, well, more like zem and and now perze.

so it’s been a bit busy and worrisome. if you have an infant/toddler, you’d know how difficult it is to alleviate the abounding mucus hiding in their body, desperately clinging to escape cold medicines and the nose bulb. the baby hardly sleeps, hardly eats, and is overall, very fussy.  and all you can do is stay home, cook, stay clean, and tend to their needs.  but since 2 days ago, thank the Lord, zem’s getting better, after countless fevers from the weekend.  as a parent, it’s just a natural tendency to worry, esp. if one of their ninong’s come over and tells you a story about a friend’s 2 year old who suffered a siezure after having continual fevers of 103…(thanks ninong t).

nonetheless, people were sweet to have come visit us…like her ninong jake, ninang michelle, her lola/lolo, her tito/tita, and ninong tenorio, esp. since some of them were bearing gifts…hahahahaha…her ninong tenorio was sweet enough to drive all the way to our place to give emma her gifts and talk, even though he only had a few days in new jersey. thanks guys…really, we appreciate you.

thanks also to those who’ve inquired about emma and called about her and prayed for her. it’s times like this that i’m thankful for people like you, even though it might have been just a simple cold.  your kindness will always come back to you w/ blessings.

so now that zem’s better and perze’s now the one suffering , i was able to fix lei and rog’s save the date cards. i’m not a grand master photoshop-er or photographer like my little sister or brother, but i have a good eye…and i try to dabble here and there.  so i was asked to design their save the date cards which i was happy to do.  so i got the permission to showcase it:


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