emma’s bible lesson about daniel

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a couple nights ago, emma learned her first bible lesson.

daniel in the lions’ den

so after we learned about it, i asked her a couple of wrap up questions so she’ll be able to remember it. our conversation went like this (don’t you like these dialogue blogs?):

me: (pointing to daniel) who’s this?
em: daniel!
me: what is daniel doing?
em: praying!
me: who wanted to eat daniel?
em: the lion. lion eat his feet.
me: so what did God say to the lion?
em: EAT!

by this time, i felt compelled to laugh, but thought it be wiser to correct her first bible lesson since God didn’t in fact tell the lions to eat daniel.  that is, my friends, a big fib, and fibbing is quite naughty. so i continued:

me: no, baby, God said, "Lion! DON’T eat daniel."

(you have to be very careful to put the emPHAsus on DON’T and not EAT, as may have been the case when i told the story.  you have to know that about kids you see.)


me: so does emma want to pray like daniel?
em: yesh! Read the Bible, Pray Everyday!
me: yes!! you’re right! Daniel prayed everyday!

and that’s how it went…our first mother daughter bible study.

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