Fisher Price Bounce and Spin Zebra

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0002708437249_215X215 we bought this for our nephew samsam this christmas. he’s about almost 2 years old, with a baby brother on the way, so we thought this would be a great gift for him and his baby brother.  he’ll get one more good year out of it, while it waits for number two to turn one and ride as well.

i actually wanted to get this for him since last year because of all the great reviews.  Not only was it aesthetically adorable, but it’s safe!  With a wide base, it doesn’t shake from side to side which will prevent it from toppling over.  It’s also the perfect height for a 2 year old, sturdy for a strong baby boy who violently likes to jump and test its specs. 

Also, if you didn’t know, babies at this age, LOVES to jump and bounce, so this really promotes a lot of active play, as well as entertains with its noise and lights.  It spins and bounces, so it allows my nephew to use his coordination.  He seems to like it, and even fights his 2.5 year old cousin so he can ride on it. 

For the price, it’s great.  It’s like having your own bouncing horse without having to really overtake your home space.  Plus, it just looks really cute.

Age Range: 1-3 years
Price: $40
Bought: Target

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