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Building a website from scratch is not that easy, especially for someone who is design challenged. I’m really more of a "function" than a "form" type of person. I stink at color combination that’s why I stick with the safe ones like, blue, black, white and gray.

Marrying Marchesa changed all that.

Now I have to deal with yellow, seafoam, old rose, pink and God knows what other colors there are outside the primary and secondary color spectrum. Maybe Marchesa will someday blog about the theme of the website. But as for me, I’ll talk about something else.

Here are the things that make this site what it is from my perspective.

  1. Siteground Hosting – 750GB + a boatload of stuff for $5.95/month
  2. WordPress & Plugins
    • Akismet – Handling Spam
    • Coppermine SC – Photo Gallery port to WordPress
    • Feedburner Feedsmith
    • Google XML Sitemaps
    • ShareThis
    • Holy Scripturizer
    • WordPress Automatic Upgrade
    • WordPress Mobile Edition
    • WP-PostRatings
  3. Coppermine Photo Gallery
  4. Google Apps + Google Analytics
  5. Basic knowledge of HTML, PHP, Javascript, XML, CSS and FTP

There you go, add some diligence , love for writing, and an awesome partnership with your spouse, that’s really all there is to

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