Little People A-Z Animals Sound Zoo

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0002708428588_215X215 we got this for zem for Christmas when she was 2.5 years old.

we wanted something that would be educational, interacting, easy to store, and attractive.  this really met those expectations because she’s recently been learning to read her alphabet so this was another way to supplement and reinforce her memory.  so far, with the week that she’s had it, she’s been able to learn 3 new letters, aside from the letters she already knew. 

it’s nice too because of its 2 option sound settings- ABC’s or animal sounds, which is good because sometimes Emma LOVES to mimic animal sounds.

I think it’s great because she loves animals, and this allows her to pretend play, learn new animals, while subconsciously learning her alphabet.  it also comes w/ 26 animals, all wearing their respective letters. it’s great; plus the animals are plastic, round, and super cute.

lastly, I’ve been looking around for prices and the cheapest I’ve seen was for $41, but we were able to buy it on sale for $30 at Target during Christmas, which is pre-tty good for us!  I think it was really worth it and I’m really glad we found this gift.  it’s something i really recommend for the pro-education parent. plus, it comes w/ its own case for the animals, and easy to store…which is great for me!

Ages: 2-5 years
Ave. Price: $41
Ave. Rating: 4.8/5
Where to Buy: Target, Wal-mart, Toys R’ Us

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