one bizzare night at fox run

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Fox Run apartments have been our home for around nine months now. Considering how nice the Princeton-Plainsboro area is, we’ve had a couple of crazy incidents that happen in our area. Weve had our kitchen flooded, carpets replaced 2 times due to a blockage in the condenser pipe, cable service cancelled and taken by our neighbors, among other things. Last night takes the cake.

At 1 in the morning we hear a girl screaming from outside our apartment, she was screaming “rape, rapist!”. Being the responsible citizens that we are, marchesa and I immediately jumped from where we were and peeked outside the window to see what was going on … then picked up the phone and called 911. A couple seconds later, 4 squad cars and a firetruck came to our parking lot looking for the supposed perpetrator.

Marchesa and myself were genuinely scared. We moved here because it was both safe and convenient. I went to the living room so I can have a better vantage of what was going on, we noticed that there have been a couple of other residents who went out the parking lot to check what was going on.

Next thing you know, you see these cops walking over to our direction, from the peephole on our door you can see that they were looking for the guy living next door. The cops seem to be too candid about it, they went out with the guy and no handcuffs.

Marchesa was getting more worried thinking the perpetrator(s) was still out there. So I called the police station, which is a stones throw away, inquiring about the problem.

Turns out it was the girl who cried wolf. In the words of the officer that I talked to, ‘Nothing to worry about, the girl had emotional problems’.

It sucks when the ‘wolf’ cries wolf. Especially when its resolved at almost 3 in the morning.

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