Ceiva LF4008

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One of the gifts I got from my wife this Christmas is the Ceiva LF4008. This 8 inch digital frame is a thing of beauty. It has a built in external memory card reader and can display 500 pictures at a time.

200712281507_104The optimum size of the image that you can use for this digital frame is 800 x 600. It does have the capability to crop and fit your pictures in the event that it is vertical and not horizontal.

I really love how this frame renders its pictures , you won’t even notice that this is a digital frame, the non-glossy surface of the LCD screen makes it look like its one of those static frames.

This device has the uncanny feature of self updating its pictures but you’d have to shell out $7.95 per month for a premium service. For you to be able to do that, you would have to either connect via a phone line (are you kidding me?) or buy a couple of their adapters so you can either connect via Ethernet or through a Wi-Fi connection. The fact that they didn’t include those in the box, makes me kind of peeved as a consumer.

Overall, I am very satisfied with the quality of the product and very happy that I got this for Christmas. I would highly recommend this to give to Family especially if you are willing to pay for the premium features. Thanks Mahal!

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