what she can do at 2.5 years old

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so zem has mastered counting to 10 without help…
actually 11…i don’t quite know how she learned 11…but she does, now.

she can read up from A to I, but she knows 75% of her letters when she sings her ABC’s. but i’d rather she can read them because she can make sense of them when she sees them in books or signs. plus it gives her a good start w/ reading in general.

she also knows how to read her own name, as well as words like “YES” and “OK”.

she knows how to sing some songs.  in their order:
1. I’ve Got Love in My Heart
2. Read the Bible, Pray Everyday
3. ABC
4. The Itsy Bitsy Spider
5. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
6. Glorious Impossible
7. Happy Birthday
8. Jesus Loves Me This I Know
9. See Saw

she can also identify a number of animals like:
dog, cat, mouse, bee, shark, tiger, giraffe, elephant, chicken, duck, lion, gorilla, monkey, bird, polar bear, alligator, fish, penguin, pachyderm, jaguar, butterfly, pig, cow, moose, snake, dinosaur, etc…

she’s also mastered these shapes, knowing how to point them out as well as say their names:
1. diamond
2. circle
3. square
4. rectangle
5. triangle
6. oval
7. star
8. heart

she can distinguish and say these colors: red, blue, pink, green, orange, yellow

em learned big and small around the time she started learning shapes, so she knows the different sizes. but she says “big” and “baby”.

often times she comes up to me to pray with some valid requests and not so valid…they range from praying to tatay, to hong hong, lolo, baby ball, and pucca. but the important thing is that she likes to pray. we also started asking her to pray for our dinners, so usually, she says, “jesus, thank you for the food, in Jesus name, amen.”  but it ends up sounding like, “Ista, tank yoo, po ma pood. Ista, amen.”

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