cyber forensics

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there’s too many things going on right now in the interweb. ask al gore, he invented it. he’ll probably tell you that there are evil lurkers that are trying to get into your brain from your computer through the interwebmation sumaperhighway.

hackers they call these people, because they can hack through your security system like a hot red samurai during tsujigiri testing. these people are so vile that they’ll make your red status led lights turn purple.

a new breed of detectives are rising. the nerdy ones to counter these hackers. ones armed with a +255 innate ability for sniffing where these hackers are. whether you are a 12 year old kid from iceland trying to call the president, or a l33t member of a crack keygen squad, they are on to you like filipinos on white rice.

there might be some posers who’d claim they are uber cyber forensicists but the real ones, you won’t even know that they were there. like a cyber ninja ready to strike when the next hackermurai passes along unstealthily.

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