Baby Genius: Favorite Children’s Songs 3CDs

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Bought: TARGET
Price: $9.99

I guess for ten dollars, it wasn’t such a bad purchase but here are some bad stuff about it:

-the songs are sung by a man and a woman, no children and their voices are pretty boring.
-the arrangements are very simple, with minimal instruments
-pretty boring, very simple, traditional, with no surprises, no bang
-no variety in music style

this really is for infants-3 yrs. old so it won’t really grow with your child, esp. if you have an extremely musical child.  emma likes to listen to it for 2-3 songs, then gets pretty bored with it.  it doesn’t do much to hold the attention of your toddler, even though people may like to argue that a toddler already doesn’t have enough attention span…well, for emma, if she likes the music, she’ll stay with it; she’ll dance to it and respond physically and positively. 

so my review? not so much baby-genius, more like baby-average.

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