a man and his swissknife

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When we went home to the Philippines, we had the chance to spend time with my Dad at his farm. This might sound normal to most people since Filipinos have been in one way or another, have been farming to sustain themselves. My Grandfather was a farmer and so was his father before him and so was my Great-Great-Grand Father. Its just that my dad has a Ph.D. in Physics and spent most of his life teaching at the most prestigious university in the southern philippines. When he retired 3 years ago he became president of the corporate arm of Arise Christian Ministries, a local non profit that supports outreach programs to a nearby tribe.

I think it was 2 years ago when he decided to follow his dad’s footsteps and live off the land. There were a lot of challenges. He didn’t have transportation to move his harvest from the farm to the city, no electricity to help preserve the harvest, among other things.

When we went home to the Philippines last october, I tried getting him some things that he can use for his farm. A self crank lamp/radio, a handheld GPS device and a swiss knife. He was teary eyed when I gave him the swiss knife because he remembered that at one point in time, my Grandfather wanted one but he couldn’t afford to give him one. That brought back memories for him and I guess he was thankful for it.

In reality my dad also has another type of swiss knife that he wanted. The kind that I can’t really give him at that point in time at least. He wanted the kind that had 4 wheels and could transport half a ton of his harvest to the city. I felt remorse, I didn’t want to be in that position where I’d be helpless in seeing that he wanted something that I can’t afford to give him.

Before we left, Marchesa’s family gave us extra spending money. We were able to budget our trip so that we would have enough to spend and some to give to my parents. My parents used that money to give as a downpayment for a multi-cab, 12 cylinder, half ton hauling, 4 wheel drive vehicle. The kind of swiss knife that my Dad always wanted.

Lately, i’ve been sleeping very late, due to bad tv habits but that’s going to be a blog for another time. Today I slept around 1:30am, four hours later I got a call from my very grateful father. He was with my mom and that they just picked up the vehicle.

He got his wish, and that makes it two swiss knives.

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