Read Your Bible Pray Everyday

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Description:  just two days ago, emma came into the room carrying our family devotion Bible. She opened it up and started singing “Read Your Bible, Pray Everyday.” I’ve never tried teaching her the words, although we’ve sung it many times. I was just so amazed that it came out, all of it in the song, with a melody too. perze and i were sooo proud of her. Her vocabulary has just shot up dramatically over the past few days, and even shows up in songs…she’s even started singing w/ the songs of the Christmas Cantata i continuously replay in the car. maybe she should join the choir this year since she knows some songs…

but it’s a great thing she learned this song first…because of her fascination to sing it many times a day, it’s a great reminder to perze and i to really “read our bibles and pray everyday, so we’ll grow, grow, grow.”

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