‘mamam, we pray?’

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normal_Thanks07_106yesterday, as i was innocently watching tv, emma came up to me, with hands clasped together, and asked me to pray.  the conversation went like this:

em: mamam, we pray?
me: you want to pray?
em: yesh.
me: ok. let’s pray.
em: we pray, tatat?
me: you want to pray for tatay?
em: yesh.
me: ok…let’s pray for tatay……..Jesus…
em: eshta…
me: thank you.
em: tank yoo.
me: for taking care of tatay.
em: we beh tatat.
me: in Jesus name.
em: amen.

i love when she does that.

but then soon afterwards, she also wanted me to pray for her baby ball and then the big ball, so i did, because you just don’t know how important orbs are to a baby.  sometimes, it even takes precedence over eating fried pork.

(*pic: during thanksgiving. the cousins are singing karaoke…a common practice of karaoke exposure found in filipino families…)

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