pocketsharp mt 3.33

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I’ve been using a plethora of freeware blogging clients ever since 2001. Over the years as my mobile devices have changed, my need for a freeware blogging application also evolved over time. My latest toy or so to speak has been a cingular 8525 using the latest WM6 Official AT&T ROM. Now that we’ve switched blogging platforms from Moveable Type to WordPress, I needed another XML-RPC compatible mobile blogging application that’s compatible with WordPress.

Search has been in vain up until today and the answer was just right under my nose. Over the past 6 months i’ve been using pocketsharp mt, an app specifically written for the pocketpc with moveable type in mind. It turns out that I just needed to point where the xml-rpc functions are. I should have known better, Moveable Type is written in perl and wordpress is mainly PHP, but since pocketsharp mt is using the same XML-RPC services, it can be configured to use wordpress as its blogging platform.

As proof, this post was entirely written in pocketsharp mt on my cingular 8525 phone and will also be automatically exported as a note in facebook. More ways to share my exploits to my “friends”.

At least i’m not attacking anyone with vampire hugs, jedi mind tricks and definitely not trying to superpoke anyone.

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