another wordpress bug

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If it so happens that your user_nicename entry in your wp_users has a space in between entities, your individual author feed is basically screwed and won’t show anything.

To replicate this problem, when you are creating users for your blog, enter two names as your login id, in my case it would be “Perze Ababa”, the login function in wordpress will respect that but the built in magpie rss module and url redirector built in wordpress does not. your resulting individual author feed would end up looking like,, as generated by the wp_author variable. Even though the wp_author function will always return the right number of posts, clicking on the above geneerated url will always return an internal 404 from wordpress’ point of view (i.e “there are no posts”) because of the escaped %20 character.

Until they fix this bug, you are better off setting up single name users and just change the display name later on. If you do create a user with two names separated by a space, a workaround is to replace the entry in user_nicename with a single name entry. Once this is done, the generated individual author feed becomes which is then valid.

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