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Over the past five years, twelvesixteen website gave me the chance to learn and implement various web related disciplines. From PHP, CSS, XML, javascript and various web apps such as wordpress, coppermine, etc.

Last night was a major step in finishing this overhaul. Over the past couple of days Marchesa has been busy tweaking the overall look and feel of the site … I helped.

The first challenge we encountered was the multiple platforms that we use to deliver content … I mean blogs, pictures, updates, video, whatever. With the diversity of the choices out there it seemed very tiresome to maintain 4 different blogs in a multitude of blogging platforms. Even if you just want to mirror your entries among all platforms it gets annoying after a while. We needed a solution *cough* *opensocial* that would enable us to bring all these platforms together without leaving all our “friends” in the dark.

Marchesa and I have a boatload of blogs out there and one major requirement is that we should be able to bring in if not all, most of our blog entries from every single platform. Here is a sample list of my backend requirements,

* import entries from moveable type, myspace, friendster, facebook, blogger, and the beast we fell in love with called xanga.
* able to create posts and individual pages
* can manage podcasts for marchesa’s original songs
* mobile accessibility
* an over arching access control system that can unify various web applications
* spambuster
* automatically update SEO sitemap so google and other search engines can easily pickup our entries.
… among other things.

Nevertheless, just last thursday, I was able to import 5 years worth of blogs without a hitch … well some images were lost but its just a matter of pointing them to valid URL references and all will be fine.

You might also notice at the bottom of every entry, a sleeker version of an entry sharing widget. This enables you to share our entries across facebook, newsvine, etc. and enables you to e-mail them to your friends.

There are still a bunch of changes that I want to discuss but i’ll share those next time.

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