almacen wedding

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we attended one of our close friend’s wedding in MD last saturday. it was their second wedding, a formal ceremony for their family and friends.  perze was a groomsmen for mark.  the officiant marked great advice for the couple, saying that they are only in the continuation of the beginning of the journey to know each other.  

i agree that it takes a lifetime to know someone, despite the time spent already having had known the other person.  and sometimes, despite the prolonged company of each other, it doesn’t mean you definitely know that person at all. the quest is to continue to seek the truth in each other, esp. in conditions of continual change.  because of time, a person doesn’t stay as he/she is, so you cannot be comfortable thinking you already know everything there is to know of the one you love.  and that knowledge, that seeking, is not a chore, but a joy to seek, a quiet adventure to find a new gift every day you wake up to that person.



it was a very simple wedding, but such a joyous one…i’ve been to gigantic weddings and very small weddings, but the ones that i’ve personally really enjoyed are the ones with a great story and testimony…it just encourages me, knowing i’m partaking and seeing the union of something really meant-to-be.  wedding cakes, gowns, chandeliers, and an enormous guest list are ok, but a great love story is rarely found.


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