we put up our tree…

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100_1787we put it up before the rabs(to be) came over for dinner. every year gets sweeter, with zem because she gets so excited w/ holiday traditions. it’s like learning something new through something old. the meaning gets better. one day, christmas will mean so much more when she learns christmas is about christ.

she did most of the decorating, putting all the balls and decorations up. but since she’s less than 4 feet, most of the decorations concentrated at the bottom..haha…it was hilarious and endearing.

every now and then, cravings to watch her baby videos surface, so tonite, we watched her first few months on tv. she watched some of the footage w/ us, and was so sympathetic to baby emma. she’d be sad when baby em would cry, and laugh every time baby em would laugh. she understood that she was the baby in the videos.

i love decembers…

esp. as every year progresses.

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