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i guess every mom says it about their daughters, but i honestly think my daughter’s beautiful. her hair is wavy, so it’s very different from many filipino babies whose hair is typically straight. she’s also a little taller than babies her age.

anyways, lately, she’s learned many words in just a few days, which supports all the articles i’ve read of 2 year olds really exponentially expanding their vocabulary in sporadic bouts.

in just 3 days, she’s learned: heart, pig, gerry (her crush), sippy (for her sippy cup)

and i love when she scaffolds by grouping existing vocabulary and forming new ideas. like, once she learned sippy, she said, “silly sippy, i love you sippy!” crazy huh? she’s very particular w/ specifying her sippy cup because i usually use normal toddler cups during the day so she’s accustomed to using them instead of being dependent on sippy cups. so she’s very happy to have learned “sippy” as to better request what type of cup she prefers.

it sounds a little mundane, but if you have babies, their development is really quite amazing!

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