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Transformers Transformers 3.0 Stars 

sue me. it was like the movie 300- overhyped, that by the time i was so excited to watch it, i was like- huh? really? it was good, but not that good that you’d actually spend time to go into your profile account and spend 5 mins. updating your favorite movies section.

for one thing, why did optimus prime seem more like a potential pensive blogger more than an autobots fighting machine? in the end of the movie, i was expecting OP to bust out a website promo for more on his thoughts like jack handy.

one good thing that came out of this film though was the main character, -no, not the extremely hot chick who can “fix cars” sporting washboard abs and heels, but the nerd kid who knew how to act. who knew? he was so talkative, like a gilmore girl on crack, but in a convincing way, not a put a gun to my head kind of way.

overall, it had some great action scenes (ok…scene…like the end), but even then, you didn’t know who was a decepticon or autobot. it’s been a while since i’ve seen the cartoons, but they should seriously have considered wearing team tshirts or something.

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