the seasons eventually come…

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the year i met perze, we became friends after a long drive because one day i told him that i loved looking at the changing leaves of fall.  so he took me to the place where he proposed a year.5 later.  i still love fall for its reds, yellows, and browns, and now i’m glad to see how much our daughter appreciates the simplicity and beauty of the season.

i’m actually thankful that this country has a day when it calls us to meditate in reflection of the things we’re thankful for- the obvious and the hidden, the extraordinary and the mundane, the miracles and the normal day.  sunday was really personal in my reflections…God has his ways of talking to you even outside of the sermon, but when He’s blessing the people upstairs in their pews, he’s just as present to the people downstairs, and it really showed on sunday. 

the sermon was about healing, and it reminded me how we all need it, and none is exempt from disappointments and hurts.  somehow we tend to think we do not deserve turmoil, and when it comes, we are shocked with its presence in our lives, like it’s something new and something that can’t be overcome.  but sometimes, whenever we think we are the ones being hurt, we neglect that we’ve also done the hurting. 

in marriage, i’ve really learned of mirroring.  i’ve found out that fights escalate out of both parties having some fault on the other, no matter who starts it. even if one party feels they’ve not done anything, in the eyes of the other person, they have.  my point ends up being that asking forgiveness is not a matter of who is ultimately right or wrong, i’m saying that if you’ve done wrong, you’ve done wrong, and apologies are without gender, race, experience, hierarchy, authority, or age.  ultimately, we are all called to ask for forgiveness and are called to forgive.  and that’s when healing starts.  it’s the time of when healing begins which is usually the subsequential factor.  we can try to fight the seasons, but they eventually come…

also in marriage, despite who does the hurting, i’ve also learned that the hurt also needs to reflect on how he/she has done any hurting.  it’s not about power or authority, being a man or woman, parent or child; it’s about being Christlike. 

sunday revealed to me how many people are hurting in the church…how relationships need healing.  i went upstairs and people’s hearts were being broken. i went downstairs and people’s hearts were being broken.  it made me more thankful for the thanksgiving weekend.

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