Happy HalloPucca!

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for halloween, she was dressed as her favorite cartoon character- Pucca! look how innovative her mama was.

subsequently, only asians recongnized the character, although a lot of parents turned their head to dote on her cuteness. she received many compliments, although to my dismay, not proportionately enough candy. but i think it’s something she’ll be able to look back to and appreciate- esp. her mom’s trickery to manipulate her black tights into a hat w/ two side buns. unfortunately, which was to be expected in a local new jersey mall, there was no Garu to be found.

nevertheless, who needs Garu when you’ve got your mom, dad, pucca doll, mary jane crocs, lantern bag, and sailor moon magic wand with you?

overall price of this costume: zero dollars

but we’d like to thank her lolo perl for giving his beloved apo the pucca doll the day she left for the US.

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Happy HalloPucca!