good plaque and emma stories

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g o o d    p l a q u e

the days have been busy trying to get ready for our big trip, and not just taking care of what we need to bring, but what we’re leaving behind, including church responsibilities.  i’ve been teacing the choir these days, preparing them for the anniversary, so i’m a little nervous since i won’t be there…but i know they’ll do great, just as long as they convey the song, “How Can I Keep From Singing” with conviction.  I’ll be gone for 3 weekends, so that’s time lost for cantata practices, but i’m just hoping kuya dolly can fill it in until i get back.  i’m a little nervous that we won’t have enough time to get all the songs in, but that’s always my feeling during cantatas.

also, i won’t be there to do the media presentation this year, but hopefully, i can just hand the file to my sister who can present it for me. i don’t know why the yearly nervousness never settles into norm; i admit i don’t think i can ever get over stage fright. it stems from my childhood when i had to recite a kindergarten graduation poem in front of the whole town.

since we won’t be there for the anniversary, the church did a very sweet thing.   they set aside time during the service to call us up and present the team with a plaque of appreciation.  i just wish my two sisters were there too be the faces of the team.  then pastor ding presented me with another plaque for the youth group.  it would have been great to have rogie w/ me, but he’ll get his on saturday.  i always feel that rogie is really the one that deserves that appreciation, after countless years of not just teaching and leading, but being one heck of a counselor.  it’s one thing to lead a youth group, to have a title; it’s another thing to be embedded in those youths’ lives during crisis, esp. in the hidden secret times that you can’t talk about.  i looked over to the youth pews while pstrding was reading the plaque and i hope they know they’re a huge integral part of the church.

                                                                                                         e m m a   s t o r i e s

“are you ok mama?”

a week ago, out of the blue, emma comes up to me and says, “you ok, mamum?  you ok?”
it was so sweet because babies are very self-centric, so it was sweet for her to wonder about me. so i said, “i’m ok, emma.  are you ok, emma?”  She said, “yesh, i’m ok, tank yoo.” hahahahah

“tank yoo, em-ma”

before eating, after praying, emma takes the spoon and serves everyone before she serves herself.  she puts a spoon of rice on my plate and i say, “thank you, emma.”  then she puts a spoon of rice on perze’s plate and he says, “thank you, emma.”  finally, she puts a spoon of rice on her plate, and she says, “tank yoo, em–ma.”

emma during dinner

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