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“are you ok mama?”

a week ago, out of the blue, emma comes up to me and says, “you ok, mamum? you ok?”
it was so sweet because babies are very self-centric, so it was sweet for her to wonder about me. so i said, “i’m ok, emma. are you ok, emma?” She said, “yesh, i’m ok, tank yoo.” hahahahah

“tank yoo, em-ma”

before eating, after praying, emma takes the spoon and serves everyone before she serves herself. she puts a spoon of rice on my plate and i say, “thank you, emma.” then she puts a spoon of rice on perze’s plate and he says, “thank you, emma.” finally, she puts a spoon of rice on her plate, and she says, “tank yoo, em–ma.”

emma during dinner

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