underworld: evolution

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Underworld: Evolution Underworld: Evolution 2.5 Stars 

despite having to spend two hours watching a screen with a limited color spectrum of blue, grey, forest green, and black, my biggest gripe is the storyline.

for those who’d care not to hear any spoilers, i recommend that you close this screen because i’m about to lay it down all up in here…

so in the first movie, if you paid close enough attention to the history of lycans and vampires, you’d remember that there were two brothers that decended from the original immortal- corvinus. evolution expounds on the war’s history between the lycan and vampire covens although fails to explain the ever elusive Corvinus, who you get to meet in midmovie.

however, when you finally do get that belated introduction, to the first powerful great immortal, your balloon of expectation is then deflated to see an old man who is weak with paternal sentiment. The only power you see from him is manifested when Seline drinks his blood, gains his power, and kicks bum the last 15 minutes of the movie.

The movie was also hush hush to explain how corvinus had so many government minions without having to turn them into immortals, so i was left scratching my head to see if i missed the source of all these intelligent GI Joes.

what did i like about the movie to give it 2.5 stars?

it was like mystery theater and it kept flashing back like pieces of a puzzle that you had to rearrange- like Clue! If you miss one thing, went to sleep for about 4 minutes, had to take a quick whiz or buy more popcorn, you’re stuck having to wait for the dvd or stand in line to buy another ticket to finally get your satisfying “ahhhhhhh” moment and affirmative head nod. You had to take those notes to finally understand, it was Colonel Mustard, in the kitchen, with a wrench.

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