the wedding date

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The Wedding Date The Wedding Date 0.5 Stars 

starring Debra Messing from Will & Grace, and her leading man Dermot Mulroney [from movies such as My Best Friend’s Wedding].

as much as i like Debra messing, who acts comparably to Lucy Ricardo, she was terrible without all that dialogue that she gets to work with in Will & Grace. Her movements are confusing and doesn’t convey well. Mulroney’s character is no better. He’s dry, stoic, and contradicting. You only get a glimpse of his history from a mentioned article and he doesn’t really live up to it except for some here and there one liners that he gives for advice on love.

But most of all, i had the biggest problem about the development of the story. the transition from a business deal to genuine romance was so abrupt and unreasonable that i didn’t have any time to get swept off emotionally as should a love story should be able to fluidly do.

it was pretty blah and i was disappointed, yet expected it nonetheless…i will however give half a point to the soundtrack, which was mostly sung by the vocal sweet crooner himself- michael buble…

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