the anniversary party

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The Anniversary Party The Anniversary Party 2.5 Stars 

this movie IS rated R so it’s only for 18 and above, so be aware of the restrictions. despite the rated R material, i liked the movie because of its awesomely quirky talented all star cast! i mean, you’ve got the ever elusive pheobe kates with the indie-queen herself parker posie! also, i’ve recently become a fan of Alan Cumming, who did cowrite the odd yet dramatic film.

The movie worked for me because it was colorful. Its cast was comprised of very quirky characters, mostly performers, artists, writers…so you could see why i would be driven to its eccentric circle of people. I loved the scene when the cast played Charades with Literature…i mean, who does that? i had a big kick out of it. I also tremendously appreciated the scene when they were paying homage to the anniversary couple. Each one gave personal renditions of their appreciation through some artsy fartsy way like accoustic songs, dances, and speeches.

The movie took a dramatic turn when the group ended up taking ecstasy. the truth comes out, inhibitions turn a bit ugly, and the movie concludes with two aweful truths which gave the movie a very ironic turn.

all in all, i really liked the movie. it was silly. it was odd. it was terribly creative. it was colorful and just weird…not strange weird, but witty weird. the movie won’t be for everyone, but it does get you involved.

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