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Sahara Sahara 2.5 Stars 

it was better than i had expected. granted, it was a movie i wouldn’t have gone to see at the big screen, but for a dvd night, it wasn’t all that bad. i could actually see myself recommending it to my siblings when we get together during the weekends.

the reason why this movie did somewhat well for me was it’s subtle humor between Matthew McConaughey and that other guy who’s the sidekick on all other movies…what’s his name (googled: Steve Zahn). Also, Penelope Cruz (not particularly one of my favorite heroines or actresses) wasn’t as annoying as i thought she’d be.

The movie was exciting, exciting in the sense that it brought you everywhere, from devestation to hidden civilization, to the beautiful sand mountains… it also had elements of folklore, conspiracy, mutiny. It was a good ride, esp. during the scenes where the heroes always had to come up with an innovative way to escape the enemy.

So, the journey, i gave 2.5-3 out of 5. It was alright, but still something i would pay adult price ticket for at the theater line.

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