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Persuasion Persuasion 3.5 Stars

an adaptation from jane austen’s novel Persuasion.

there’s a history in those stares between Captain Frederick and Miss Anne Elliot. As most century pieces, there’s a whole bunch of elusive glances and subplots that the audience has to infer and discover. this time, it’s the romantic past of anne and frederick, who has once been engaged when she was 19 years old. their engagement was terminated due to Lady Russell’s persuasion to Anne not to marry someone who had no connections, disadvantageous for her family.

Frederick, devestated, leaves for the navy, only to come back again as a visitor to his sister and her husband, who is also in the navy. They rent the mansion of the Elliots because of Anne’s father’s rich habits that left him with overwhelming debts.

During Frederick’s visit, women flock for his attention while others for Anne’s. Anne is bookish, a passive revolutionary who is composed and rational, real and substancial compared to the other female counterparts who live only to become wives who become bitter wives afterwards. Frederick’s attempts to gain Anne’s attention is thwarted when Mr. Elliot, a relative of Anne, tries to gain her affections. His efforts are terminated when his intentions to marry rich are revealed.

in the end, well…watch the movie…or read the book.

review on the movie:
the cast is well sought out, except for Anne’s character. She just didn’t suit it for me, she just looked old and worn, and certainly not 27 years old. Instead of making Anne’s character look independent and heroic, she seemed way too drab to be internally exceptional. she almost made her look pathetic. but, the movie was still pretty good, although you had to watch the movie twice to really catch what was going on. i think the director wanted the audience to understand everything by the actors’ looks and glances and disposition, but sometimes, it just made you confused if you haven’t read the novel. the second time around is more gripping, so save 4 hours of your time instead of 2.

but the story was beautiful, and who would never swoon to a love letter? and i mean a ‘love letter’… written at those times when men talked about their hearts and souls, and abstract feelings that has been encapsulated for years and years, only to burst in letter and form. swooooooooooon.

forget ‘you had me at hello’. give me a close up shot of two hands cautiously meeting, awkward fixated glances, and one long awaited suppressed innocent kiss anytime.

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