melinda and melinda

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Melinda and Melinda Melinda and Melinda 3.0 Stars

for those looking to see a romantic comedy, they should see this. for those looking to see a drama, thay should also see this.

the witty element in this movie is its use of both comedy and tragedy to illustrate how both emotions exist in a story merely by perspective. woody allen successfully weaves both stories without confusing the audience with use of color, style, tone, and characters. one simple example is how melinda’s hair is styled curly in the serious parts of the movie to represent a very constricting mood, while the comedic melinda has her hair straight and light, almost whimsical and playful.

the cast is great, by the way, all successfully filling the mold meant for them. the two actors that stuck out for me were will farrell and radha mitchell, but more mitchell because she had the more challenging role to play a lovable carefree friend to a suicidal dramatic paranoiac.

both stories were well conceived and delivered, but of course, it’s inevitable for both stories to really be truly fully involved and developed when you only have two hours split in half to make for each perspective of the story.

it was ok though.

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