lost in translation

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Lost In Translation Lost In Translation 2.0 Stars

supposedly one of the best movies of 2003, but for Lost In Translation, i was lost in boredom. ok ok ok ok…i’ve seen worse movies that literally made me go to sleep so i do give this movie some credit for allowing me to stay awake, but i don’t see why it’s credited for such acclaim.

For one thing, I thought Scarlett Johansson was dull…call me stupid, but i didn’t really understand her character, with the exception that she was a Yale graduate who was bored and neglected by her newly married husband.

I did however like Bill Murray, but maybe becuase he’s a veteran at his craft. That still doesn’t compensate for the movie’s lack of get up and go. I did however enjoy the reminders of what Japan’s known for…how traditional and modern it is, and how it works that way…there’s a harmony and flow of both the old and new world. The movie was poetic in that aspect…but again, again, that doesn’t compensate for the movie’s supple borefest.

I just didn’t get it…and what the heck was with that whispering thing at the end…am i supposed to be jealous and itching the rest of my life because i have no clue what he just whispered to her? Don’t worry Ms. Coppola, i didn’t have any trouble falling asleep after that movie (and almost during it as well).

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