just like heaven

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Just Like Heaven Just Like Heaven 3.0 Stars 

realism aside, it was good for what it was. this movie is not intended for the skeptics, loophole finders, & ubercritics. i’m magnetized somewhat to that category so it was hard for me to just take the movie as it was…that reese’s character could walk on the floor of a roof building yet can easily walk through the building’s interface and fall off.

so the movie’s basic premise was not to overwork or else you miss what’s really important in life- love…the story introduces you to an overzealous doctor who has an emptiness in her life. all her friends are married or have kids…and despite a CUSHY job that affords her an expensive lifestyle, she’s lonely…go figure. talk about pressure the media places on women.

but there were litte things that worked, like reese’s character- lizzy- it was fitting that she always wore a black little outfit when she was dead, and it was good that they chose to stick to one outfit because it would’ve irked me if a ghost cared about fashion.

another thing that worked for me was the overall cast. whoever did casting was brilliant and right on the money, because everyone seemed to be adorable. my favorite character would be the bookstoreghostguy who could feel metaphysical spirits. he added a humble dose of humor into the movie. aside from this generation’s ‘meg ryan’- reese witherspoon, i also enjoyed the acting of the sister, jayjay, and david. they really made the movie work.

if you just stick to the story, you can guarantee higher than a 3, but for me, the beginning seemed to drag quite a bit. but despite that, the setting and tone of the movie was very playful, whimsical, and gave you a very warm feeling, not like indigestion warm, but “awe and coo” warm. it also wasn’t the most romantic movie, but it had its moments. whoever wrote david’s character really hit it for women…he was humble, moral, sentimental, awkwardly attractive, comedic, ambivalently confident yet shy, and creatively talented.

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